3 Way Stopcock with Connection Tubing

  • Housing made of a new type of  Medical Grade Transparent Polycarbonate for easy visualization of fluid flow
  • Manufactured of stable materials inert with applied pharmaceutical materials
  • Resistance against stress cracking resulting from exposure to infusion solutions, drugs, and alcohol-based disinfectants
  • Smooth turning handle with “ON”or“OFF” options
  • Protection against the danger of unnoticed cracks, air infusion, and leakage
  • Reliable, secure system connection with rotation of the connected stopcock unit on its own axis Connection dimensions suitably complies with international standards.
  • Provided with PVC tube supported with female luer connector .
  • Available as sterile or non-sterile


  • Allows convenient access for injections and aspirations by rotating adapter.
  • Resists the hazardous effects of pharmaceuticals.
  • Maintains a leak proof connection even during long-term application
  • Prevents leakage, contamination and air embolism