About Us

  • Intermedica is one of the major companies in Egypt in the field of manufacturing and distributing a wide range of medical supplies. Throughout a period of 25 years in the market, Intermedica has built a solid foundation and has gained an excellent reputation and good will among its customers and suppliers. 


  • Intermedica is a well established company that serves public hospitals, governmental hospitals, university hospitals, educational institutions, private centers, clinics , clinical laboratories and pharmacies for more than 25 years.


  • Intermedica provides the medical supplies market with various products used in different applications, such as anesthesia, infusion, hematology, dressings, support, dialysis as well as services for hospitals and laboratories.


We believe that consistent innovation and quality assurance is the key to our company’s development. Intermedica invests to generate high quality product that help medical professionals assure high quality care and patients comfort to fulfill human needs.

  • To anticipate the needs of our customers and translate their requirements into meaningful products.
  • To create, innovate and manufacture high quality products through a philosophy of dedication at every level of operations and activities.


Company commitment is more than delivering on time and as needed. It is the ongoing pursuit of the most advanced techniques, latest technologies, better materials, and new manufacturing procedures that improves the quality of the medical devices we manufacture. Assurance of high quality is our main goal for customer product performance.

Work Environment:

Each and every member of our organization support a valuable contribution to Intermedica's corporate development. The necessary prerequisites include good qualifications, high degree of motivation and personal commitment by each individual employee and an attractive work environment that stimulates creativity in every conducted steps and stages of all applies operations and activities.

Certificates & Quality System:

Intermedica is operating all enclosed operations, processes, functions and activities taking into consideration the good manufacturing process ( GMP ) compliance. Also Intermedica is strictly following applying the most recent international standards, whereas all conducted processes and activities are designed to take place in accordance to highest quality standards that meets both customers and regulatory requirements. Hence, all our reputation for superior quality and developed products is the result of consistent attention to materials, machinery and manufacturing techniques.

However, Intermedica is certified for:- ISO 13485- CE Mark for (Syringes – I.V. Cannula –Infusion Set – Bloodline – Transfusion Set – Fistula Needle)



  •  Ministry Of Health
  •  Health Insurance
  •  Military Hospitals
  •  University Hospitals
  •  Governmental Hospitals
  •  Educational Hospitals
  •  Treatment Organizations
  •  Private Hospitals
  •  Medical Centers 
  •  Laboratories 
  •  Pharmacies


  •  To most countries in Middle East and Africa.
  •  Through a wide professional distribution network all over the world, Intermedica covers most of the countries.
  •  Intermedica was founded in 1988. It's core business was to manufacture a wide range of support products. It focused on providing innovative solutions to reduce the spread of infection and reduce the sense of pain.

Intermedica consists of two sister companies;

  • Intermedica for distributing medical supplies
  • Intermedica for manufacturing medical supplies
  •  In 2003, Intermedica reacted strategically to the expansion of the  market demands and felt the dire needs for supplying the market with a very important line that is; Infusion Products. Accordingly, Intermedica established its second factory for Infusion technology which includes Disposable Syringes, Infusion Sets, Blood Transfusion Sets, Arterial Cannulas, Spinal Needles and Arterial & Venous Connections. Intermedica was keen to keep precision and accuracy in product concept, design, development, production and distribution.
  •  In 2013, Intermedica put in mind the access to the title " First Factory in the Middle East and Africa", and this achieved by the participation and contribution of a new investor and owner Dr. Abdallah Hassan (chairman), who helped in establishing the first factory in the Middle East for Blood Evacuation Tubes with enormous production capacity at the same time adding new products , increasing the production capacities and expanding the manufacturing facilities.
  •  Recently, Intermedica has added a new step to it's successes series by acquiring on National for Medical Industries factory ( NMI ) at 10th of Ramadan City which is specialized in manufacturing the full set of Dialysis Products including Dialyzers, Blood Lines and Fistula Needles. 

It’s a story of past successes and present leadership,  invest in technology and delivering innovation.