Insulin Syringe

Syringe without Dead space to:-
  • Allow the total expulsion of the insulin from the syringe.
  • High accuracy in insulin dosage and saving (two units in average).
  • Self – contained syringes, without external packing.
  • Minimize the formation of air bubbles.
  • Prevent any risk of detachment of needle.
  • Ensures administration of full dose.

Pre-assembled syringe plus needle in a single pack simplifies injections by reducing the number of procedures and thereby reduce costs. 



Syringe 1 ml


Syringe 1 ml


Absolute Sterility Guarantee
  • two airtight sheaths, safety seal to verify visually whether the needle has been previously used, and product traceability.
  • G 28/29 and G 30 externally lubricated ultra – thin needle (length 8 to 12 mm)
  • C060 gamma-ray sterilization (does not inferior to 25 KGY)
Technology for safety
  • 60 cobalt gamma ray (25 KGY) sterilization.
  • Sterility guarantee, freedom from pyrogenic materials, non-toxic and absolute freedom from any toxic residue both inside the syringe and the packaging.