The company applies its successful vision to focus on three important priorities:

Innovation, Investment and Leadership.

A high level of efficiency is achieved every day through the precise coordination of processes. The products with high quality reflects the way every phase is managed at our premises.


We believe that consistent innovation and quality assurance is the key to our company’s development. Intermedica invests to generate high quality product that help medical professionals assure high quality care and patients comfort to fulfill human needs.


 To anticipate the needs of our customers and translate their requirements into meaningful products. 
 To create, innovate and manufacture high quality products through a philosophy of dedication at every level of operations and activities.


Company commitment is more than delivering on time and as needed. It is the ongoing pursuit of the most advanced techniques, latest technologies, better materials, and new manufacturing procedures that improves the quality of the medical devices we manufacture. Assurance of high quality is our main goal for customer product performance.

Work Environment:

Each and every member of our organization support a valuable contribution to Intermedica's corporate development. The necessary prerequisites include good qualifications, high degree of motivation and personal commitment by each individual employee and an attractive work environment that stimulates creativity in every conducted steps and stages of all applies operations and activities.