Support Products

Stretch bandage is ideal for conditions requiring support and compression during recovery. Also, recommended for sprain, strain, swelling and general soreness.

To help treat wrist tenosynovites, arthrosis, ligament injuries, correction of vicious posture of rheumatoid arthristis, besides other conditions of traumatic and neurological origin. The use of this orthosis may be of help to prevent recurrence upon return to activities.

The design provides compression, warmth and support for wrist area, made of smooth non-allergic fabrics, supplied with adjustable Velcro closure for desired level of tension. Also, it can be used for sports muscular sprint. 

Wrist brace is used to support and immobilize the hand and wrist during recovery from injury or surgery. 

To help treat light ligament strains, it helps to increase stability of the ankle joint during practice of sports. Helps in the early prevention of rheumatoid arthritis deformities of the foot. 

Ankle Supports are designed to aid the recovery and help in preventing ankle injuries such as sprains, fractures and tendonitis while supporting weak ankles. It Provides strength and support for stiff, weak or injured ankles. Also helps provide protection from further injury 

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